Youth Empowerment Week - 12th to 18th November 2018


By Tupou Nawalu

Head of Commission - Youth



 We were advised by Father Carlo that 3 Columban Seminarians, namely, Cletus, Paulo & Teakare, were to help the St Pius Youth in an Empowerment Week. 

The week started with a meeting, whereby Community Youth leaders were  briefed with the need to visit their community, categorize youths into 2 groups, Senior Youths (19 – 35yrs) and Junior Youths (14 – 18yrs) and prepare venues for the Seminarians Visitation. We addressed the 1st week as our Campaign Week. (5th -11th Nov.)

The Campaign Week ended on Sunday 11th Nov. with free morning tea and registration for the youth, after the 7 and 830am Masses.


We began our Community visitation on Monday 12th. The Seminarians shared their experiences with the young people. They also listened to the young people’s experiences as youths of St Pius Parish. During these encounters the youths were also briefed and encouraged to attend the 3 day Seminar towards the end of the week.

(c) Youth Seminar – 19th -21st Nov.

The 1st Session for the 3day seminar started in the Petero Mataca Hall after the 630pm mass.

The Young people were introduced to the 3 Topics for the Seminar

(i)  WHO AM I?


(iii)  GOD AND I

In attendance were 23 youths, 9 Junior Youths and 13 Senior Youths.

The 2nd and 3rd Sessions were held at St Champagnat Institution, Vatuwaqa.

Attendances increased to 32 and was very encouraging. Each day we had mass said by Fr Carlo.

On Sunday Fr Carlo used the young people to share their experiences during the 3 days, such were the comments:

“Enjoyed the weekend, learnt about myself and how others see me”

“The negative perception of others about me, should be an empowerment and not to drag me down”

“I was overwhelmed with the attendance and very thankful to you all for coming. Throughout the year we tried our best to have numbers at meetings or functions but it was very difficult”

Another youth said” I learnt the love of God in me and that He never change His perception about me”

The Seminarian who shared said, he was empowered by the young people’s responses and very grateful for the attendance and overall participation.

The youths as part of their round up activities got into their category to list their tentative plans and suggestion for the New Year. These suggestions will be used by the Youth Executive in planning out the New Year’s Youth Work Plan for 2019.


Overall I feel the weekend was an enriching one for the young people.

Thanks and appreciation goes to the Columban Seminarians, Paulo, Cletus and Teakare for their time in organizing the seminar.

To the young people who attended the seminar, thank you for availing yourselves, and we hope that the 3days have helped you to know a little more about yourselves.

Lastly to Sofi Ashley, a big Vinaka Vakalevu for your patience and love, experienced in the delicious meals and drinks that sustained us during the Seminar.


Tupou Nawalu

Youth HOC