Trauma Counselling Workshop.


            By Ben Lee


On Wednesday 7th Nov, 17 parishioners from St Pius and 3 from St Agnes attended a very intense, fruitful, informative and challenging workshop on the signs and effects of Trauma CISM or CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS MANAGEMENT. The training was facilitated and conducted by Fr Ioane Sigarara MSC who was on leave from Afghanistan where he serves as Chaplain for the US Army.The participants were taken through the various stages of the signs and symptoms leading to traumatic stress including the stages of PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Defining stress its terms and concepts, understanding the resistance, resilience and recovery. The crisis and crisis intervention seeing, observing and starting the process to recovery through process and as Fr Sigarara quoted “Prayer alone cannot work if the soil is not ready. First deal with FEAR, PAIN, GUILT, SUFFERING through DEFUSING. Then we can receive GodCISM help us deal with the soilTo bring growth to the person.  

At the end of the training we were equipped with the knowledge to see and behave accordingly to those around us that show signs and symptoms of stress and its behavioral acts and in a small way to reach out and offer help as small as talking which in the end could be the difference between withdrawal or the road to recovery. 

To conclude we thank the parish Priest and Assistant Parish priest of St Pius X Parish for supporting this training, the Social and Justice Commission Head Vero Rausuvanua those who availed themselves to be part of this committed group. Special thanks to our friends from St Agnes who joined us and Fr Ioane Gukibau our former Parish Priest who attended as a participant. 

 Vinaka Vakalevu Fr Sigarara for giving your time sharing your knowledge and skills to the participants on this very important topic that has now got the nation asking and seeking answers on how we can combat this sickness that knows no boundary.  

 Ben Lee 

 Disaster Management Team