The Launching of the 50th Anniversary of the Parish

The Launching of the 50th Anniversary of the Parish has achieved its purpose of setting the tone for the Golden Jubilee 2018. The Mass set the mood for the evening with a wonderful rendition of the life story of Giuseppe Melchiore Sarto , our Patron, Pope St Pius X. That was all that mattered for the celebration of our Feast Day. And what with the appropriately chosen ‘’We have come this far by Faith” as the preamble of the hymns to follow. How a choir gets together in just under an hour or two and come up with such gusto twenty-four hours later is beyond me. Then again, we are looking at seasoned musos and singers who know their stuff well and deliver where it matters most. Vinaka na sere. You are booked again for next year by the way.

To complete formalities for the evening, Part 2 was the dedication and slide show afterwards. Amazing how the paint dried up in time for the unveiling. Nothing elaborate or overly spectacular but a very modest and simple affair. Archbishop Petero Mataca Hall is now official. No more top hall or main hall or whatever the confusion was before. With the faux pas of the surname of Timoci, this time, I am sure we can get the appropriate amendment done once LB Masters is notified.  The decorations in the hall is another reason why we should not take Lavenia lightly in future. God bless the work of her hands. The balloons that form the arch at the windows, by the way, has been deliberately left there as long as they remain inflated, to remind us of the event.

I guess the delay in the slides was more a ploy to get people’s attention than anything else, though I must admit that my patience was getting tested a bit. One of those days perhaps. Once the show came on everybody got the message. We have done and will continue to do…. Vinaka Saka.

The refreshments……well, I rest my case.

Some person wrote somewhere along the steps at Montfort Boys Town, ‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.’ Somehow it aptly applies to us here at St Pius X Parish at this point in our faith journey.

When we meet again in an official capacity as the 50th Anniversary Committee, it is to start preparing for the Golden Jubilee next year. We will discuss programs and what next to bring more animation to our celebration come August 2018. This time it is all hands-on deck. But that will be for another day.

God Be With Us.

-Master Dan Burese-