Archdiocese Synod Cross Pilgrimage to St Pius X Parish.

After Mass on the evening of Ascension Thursday 10th May the Synod Cross was taken to our Parish by the Parishioners from St Agnes Parish. After the usual welcoming ceremonies and para-liturgy, the Archdiocean Synod Committee headed by Archbishop Peter Loy Chong conducted a mini parish Synod where everyone present, children, school goers, youth and 5/6 adult groups had their say about their parish and indeed the Archdiocese - a real revelation. 

The Archbishop then explained the need for a church Synod and the Team gave us the various phases of the Synod process. They encouraged us all to be present at the opening Mass on Pentecost Sunday 20th May 2018 at the National stadium. Our parishioners will take the Synod Cross to the Cathedral Parish on Saturday evening 12th May arriving there at 6.00pm. 

-Fr John McEvoy. (St Pius X Parish Priest)