Preparation for the Golden Jubilee week long celebration.

Thanks and gratitude to all who heeded the call on last Sunday’s newsletter. Great enthusiasm, good-will and cooperation was in evidence everywhere last week – The confirmations candidates turning up for their practices – our children too turning up in great numbers for choir practices – the youth and youth legends organising themselves for their night on liturgy – the various combined choirs, Mandali and Rotuman, Kiribati and 1b as well as the Parish choir, were all afire with enthusiasm. And of course at the helm were the teachers choir conductors and Heads of Commissions. Thanks you so much. 

A huge word of thanks to Lasaro Kaivei and the Daku Comminity for donating and fitting the beautiful new red carpet on the Sanctuary – so generous of you. Indeed, all the parish team were busy in their own areas of expertise, catering, cleaning, getting kalavatas and material ready for the celebrations. Last photos and contributions to the Golden Jubilee Souvenir Booklet had to be found before dispatched to the printers. 

The renovation of the Car Park was completed and work by our well-known local ‘Good Samaritans’ got working on the parish notice boards (for better or for worse). Letters of invitation to other parishes and religious houses were delivered. Top soil was found and barrowed in for our newly walled in flower-bed. Of course the sacristans with eagle eyes were on the watch out as what is needed to better the altar and statue areas. We look forward to their final results and creations. Pots, tables, chairs tents, stalls food and lovos were uppermost in the minds of the women of the parish. Lot of items were hired. 

20 members of CWL were farewelled before leaving for their AGM in Taveuni. Another important aspect of the busy week was the fact that all the sick and house bound (24) were visited and received the Sacraments and the news of the coming week was shared with them. It was indeed good to be around the parish during the past .  Fr. JME