Parish Donation in preparation for the Parish Golden Jubilee

Parishioners join Fr John and Fr Carlo for a photo with all the donated items.

Our good friends and ex parishioners now living in Santa Rosa, California sent us all this kitchen ware for our Golden Jubilee. Received by the parish - story on a recent parish newsletter. The 6 were: Milika Nabou, Daini Naulu, Elisabeta Burese, Usenia Naguilevu, Mosese Dominiko, Torika Narokete. The parish will be ever grateful to them and of course to their families here in the parish who requested help from them for our Golden Jubilee.

One of the group members Milika Nabou sent a private message "Bula vinaka Father. Thank you for the pictures. Some of us are still parishioners of Raiwaqa and will return some day soon. We're all in Santa Rosa, California. Thank you so much for all that you are doing for the parish. We see a lot of changes in and outside of the church because of your great leadership. You take care Father. "