Ordination of Rev Fr Vio Drou

Rev Fr Vio Drou

Rev Vio Drou was ordained in Sacred Heart Cathedral on 23rd Sept 2017. Fr Vio hails from St Francis Xavier Ra Parish and is a Diocesian Priest. The Ordination choir included Raiwaqa Parishioners faithfully following the preparations supporting the Archdiocese Music Director in his effort to give the best for the Ordination. We thank everyone who attended the Vuli Sere faithfully including two conductors for the Archdiocese Choir, Karalo Tamani and Margret Qalo.


 The Catholic Women's League led the hosting of lunch to commemorate Fr Vio's Ordination at St Joseph's School Hall. Let us keep Rev Fr Vio in our prayers as he begins this new journey of faith and being a Sheppard to the faithful.