Blessing and Official Completion of New Fencing and Gate Project

The project for the Men of the Parish was completed, opened and blessed by Parish Priest Fr. John McEvoy. The upgrading the the Fencing around the church and the Gate was a project undertaken and funded by the Men of the Parish and members were proudly present as Fr. John blessed their work and officially opened the new Gate for the Church.

St Pius X Parishioners also gathered for a small feast and fellowship around the Tanoa to mark this auspicious occasion and give credit to the Father's of the Parish for their contribution especially as we all prepare now for the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Parish. We thank the Men of the Parish for their effort in this project well done and ask the Good Lord to continue to bless them, their families and also our Beloved Parish.  

Picture Credit: Bruce Vute and Mere Naulu