Season of Creation and Month of the Family
September 2018



Gina & Iakobo Kivi

Heads of Commission-Family Life


There was a lot of planning under way for the Family Life Commission on having the Family month in September. We had to work together with the rest of the Commissions to deliver this program in an opportune time. Later on, with the inclusion of the Season of Creation, the Social and Justice Commission also took lead role. Our programs were as follows:


Sunday 2 Sep: Talk on Creation (Veronika Rausuvanua)

   Talk on Family (Jacob Kivi) 

Sunday 9 Sep: The reality of our environment- violence against the Creation (Marjorie Engcoy)

Sunday 16 Sep: Rubbish / Domestic Violence and Issues in Raiwaqa - (Parish Youth)

Sunday 23 Sep: What children can do at homes? (creation and family issues) - (CCD Teacher)

Sunday 30 Sep: Family – Love & Procreation (Sacrament of Marriage) - (Jack and Gina)


Friday 14 Sep: Role as parents in the Family – Waqa and Maria Cavuilati. (ArchFam)

  Role of the Family in the Community – Emosi Uluilakeba (Police Force)

Friday 21 Sep: Role of the Family in the Church and our Environment – Fr. Donato Kivi SM

Friday 28 Sep: Marital Sexuality and Family Planning – Lekesio and Lusia Kubunavanua (ArchFam)

We had parishioners that braved the rain on the first night and faithfully came for each seminar. The Month of the Family ended with the Blessing of all Married Couples during the Sunday Mass and the issuing of the Archbishop’s Episcopal Blessing Letter for Couples that have been married for 10, 15,20,25, 30,35+ years. This was the first for our Parish and the Archdiocese and we hope to have it annually.

The overall message for the month is being reminded of our responsibility to the care of all creations, fellow human beings and to the environment. The sanctity of Marriage and the teachings of the church.

 We are very grateful to all the Head of Commissions for working with us and talking on relevant topics that affect our Family and the Environment. We also thank our Parish Priest and Assistant Parish Priest for leading us and the Parish Office for facilitating our requests.