Congratulations Deacon John Fong

Deacon John Fong with his Mom and Family take a picture with His Grace

With Year 3 and Year 7 Students of the Pacific Regional Seminary having their graduation, Deacon John Benjamin Fong was awarded the student with a Highest Distinction for having the Highest Overall Marks in completing his Bachelors of Divinity. A former parishioner of St Pius X Raiwaqa Parish whose family are still members of St Michael 5A Community, we have been proud of Deacon John for his achievements and also for hearing his vocation to priesthood and following it through and now helping to serve out his duties in the Parish too. Perhaps it is best round up and said by his Mum with the following words to Deacon John and as he continues his journey, please always remember Deacon John Fong in your prayers.

Congratulations Son John Benjamin Fong on your Graduation and receiving Highest Distinction , Highest Overall Marks in your Bachelors of Divinity from Pacific Regional Seminary.  I am so humbled and proud of you. Wish Dad was here with us to share in this proud Moment today. Forever grateful to Our Lord for Your Life and the Vocation to Priesthood you have chosen. May God continue to guide and protect you and shine His Holy Face on you! It seems like only yesterday you were telling me you wanted to become a Priest,  now 9 years later here you are. Be Humble John and Loving and Kind! I love you Son! God Bless!

                                                                                    -Sarah Magnus-Fong