Go now, you are sent forth...

Fr John McEvoy, SSC, parish priest with the newly commissioned Ministers of the Word

On the feast of the Holy Trinity, 20 Ministers of the Word and 11 New Extra Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist were commissioned by the parish. This was made possible after going through six weeks of training and receiving the approval for commissioning from the Archdiocese. 

The seminar workshop kicked off last 10 April. Two speakers--Fr Felisiano Fatu, SSC and Mr Damiano Logaivau--were invited to facilitate the Lectors while Fr John McEvoy, SSC and Mrs Maria Qaranivalu facilitated the training for the Extra Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. Then the group had a recollection day which was facilitated by the former parish priest of St Pius X, Raiwaqa, Fr Iowane Gukibau, SSC on 21st May. After considering the undeniable dedication and commitment shown by the participants, the final list of new ministers was drawn up. This was then submitted to the Archdiocese together with a request to commission them.  

Fr John McEvoy, SSC with the newly commissioned Extra Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

The newly commissioned ministers will be serving the parish in their respective ministries for three years. We wish them all the best in their intention to serve the people of God in Raiwaqa. Everyone is likewise encouraged to include them in prayers as they embark a journey of servitude. And that may by their example, we may also be inspired to follow and join them.

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