Fr. John Fong MSC First Mass, St Pius X Parish Raiwaqa  

Fr John Fong with Parish Priest Fr John McEvoy

Newly Ordained Missionary of the Sacred Heart Priest Fr John Benjamin Fong MSC celebrated his first Mass in St Pius X Raiwaqa Parish. A former parishioner of St Pius X , his family still are members of St Michael Community 5A where they still reside today. 

He was joined not only by members of his former parish of St Pius X but the crowd also had a lot of parishioners of St Agnes Samabula Parish who wouldn't miss a chance to witness the first mass of their newest MSC Priest. 

Everyone then joined together after Mass to celebrate Fr John's ordination and also his celebration of his first Mass. We wish Fr John Fong MSC all the best in this new mission that he is currently beginning and let us continue to pray for him and all other priests and religious who spread the Gospel to all the world.