Vakavinavinaka for East Club and Men of the Parish

Vakavinavinaka for the completion of the Tiling of the Church

As the project of the new Tiling of the Church was completed, there was a Vakavinavinaka to the members of the East Club who were involved and also to members of the Men of the Parish. The church was a beautiful sight to behold with the new tiles bringing a much needed face lift to the building. Among the members of East Club who worked on the church are also 3 Methodists, a 7 Day Adventist and a Mormon and we are thankful for their charity and skill in helping with this project. 

Also part of the team that completed the tiles were a few younger members of the Parish and future Men of the Parish. Thanks also to the children who were part of this effort.. A big Vinaka Vakalevu to all involved in this project and the Lord continue to bless you and your families.