End of the Month of the Rosary - Month of Renewal

The month of May is always the month of the Rosary where most communities would process the statue of Our Lady Mother Mary from home to home within the communities. This month of the Rosary would then on the last day of the month have all communities congregate at the church and then join together with other communities in Celebrating the Mass.

With the fast approaching Golden Jubilee celebrations for the Parish, this month of the Rosary was also earmarked as the Month of Renewal. A competition was organised open to all Parishioners who should take pictures of their Prayer Meeting and send it to the Parish office where a winner will be judged. 

This year was no different as Parishioners processed their statues through streets to come together in church.. A sea of colors as different people from different communities gathered together to not only share their faith but also to remember Our Lady who constantly intercedes to her son for us. May God richly bless you and your family..