Election Awareness Workshop

‘Know Your Election’ Session, Thursday, 18.10.18

Catholic  Social  teaching  principal  on Subsidiarity and Participation  which  advocates  that  all  people have the right to participate in decisions that affect their lives prompted  the  need  to  support  the  nationwide voter awareness campaign which  focused  on  ensuring  voters  are  educated and knowledgeable about  the  voting  system, ability to mark a ballot paper correctly i.e. either circle, or cross or tick one box on the ballot paper and vote  cast on  the day of elections(14.11.18) impacts the nation  for the next  four years.

 Approximately  32  parishioner’s and  acting  parish  priest  Rev  Fr  Carlos  responded  to  the  invite  to  attend the  ‘Know Your Election’  session  by  the  Fiji  Election  Office  awareness  team  at  the  AB  hall  on  Thursday(18.10.18),7.30pm – 9.00pm. Thereafter, team  issued  replacement  cards  for  the  few  that  misplaced  or  damaged  their voter  card.  was  provided  by  the  team  and  few  parishioners  took advantage  of  this  service. 


Those  who  missed  out  on the  session  can  update  oneself  on  voting  requirements  by  visiting  the  Fiji Election Office, Headquarters 59-63 High Street, Toorak, Suva. phone # 331 6225, Suva  Office(Shop 10, Thomson Street, Suva)  or  email  them  on info@feo.org.fj.