Columban Inter-religious Holy Pilgrimage Walk

On Saturday 1st of June a Holy Pilgrimage consisting of Columban priests, lay missionaries, seminarians, and temporary professed religious nuns, visited respective religious places of worship. 
Religious leaders from Shridi Satya Sai Shirdi Temple, Hare Krishna Temple, Then India Sanmarga Ikya Temple, Brahma Kumaris Temple, Shri Sanatan Dharma Temple, and the Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee Temple were available to explain some of the practices and beliefs of their faith to all. 
The pilgrimage sought to create awareness about living in peace, dialogue, understanding, and respect for one another's religions.
The pilgrims had a fruitful experience learning more about the different faith communities and their practices. 
Several youths from Raiwaqa also took part of the pilgrimage and learned many new things which enriched and inspired their own Catholic faith. Extracted from Columban Fiji, facebook page please head their for more photos.