Columban Lay Mission Fiji - Tonga 25th Anniversary 

The 2nd day of the Columban Centennial Celebrations here in Fiji was given over to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the starting of the Lay Missionary Programme in The Region (1993). Present & former lay missionaries organised the day - liturgy, inter Columban parish choir competition, cultural items and a reception in the evening by the former lay missionaries for all Columbans, friends and members of the CCIM(Columban Companions in Mission). At this function the present LMs presented certificates and presents to all former LMs as a token of appreciation to them for their time on Mission. Over the past 25 years Fiji and Tonga has sent out 55 LMs to other countries where the Columbans are on Mission, while at the same time we have received 43 LMs from other countries. A wonderful achievement and celebrated fittingly. 

The 3 LMs that were associated with Fiji/Tonga who died while on mission were fondly remembered and prayed for: Elizabeth Yean Sin (Korea) died in Fiji (1994) Serafina Ranadi (Fiji) died in Los Angeles (2014) and Losana Veā€™ehala (Tonga) died in Fiji (Dec 2017).