Climate Change Workshop

Dr Joeli Veitayaki Phd, gives a Workshop open to all members of the Parish on Friday evening, an initiative of both the Evangelisation and Social Justice Commission. Dr Joeli Veitayaki is the Associate Professor and Head of the School of Marine Studies, Director for the International Ocean Institute Pacific Islands based at the USP and is leader of the University Research Cluster on Pacific Ocean and Fisheries Management.. 

He is a huge advocate into trying to reverse the effects of Climate Change especially in marine environments like advocating for the sustainability and protection of our mangrove area which is both a natural wave barrier and also a habitat for the local Fish population. An amazing opportunity to learn something new for those present Friday evening to hear the effort being put forth by our Regional Education Institutions in lessening the effects of Climate Change on our islands.

As the second speaker for the Workshop, Taniela Moli presented also on measures that have been take Suva City Council on helping communities and Groups in combating Littering among other things to preserve the environment for future generations of Fiji. Taniela Moli is a senior Health Inspector with the Suva City Council and presented measures that can help groupings like the Church Community like St Pius X Parish in organising to help SCC in combating Litter while they provide the tools to help.