St Pius X Parish, Raiwaqa "To restore all things in Christ"

By: saintpiusfiji | September 29, 2017

It was an astounding success. The liturgy was wonderfully prepared and the Choir was angelic. Although the evening was dreadful yet in spite of the weather, a very good crowd of parishioners turned out for this eventful occasion in the parish. The Jubilee Banners were in place on time. 

The Plaque of Dedication for the Archbishop Mataca Hall was tastefully mounted and the passageway got the promised facelift form the Men of the Parish.  As for the d├ęcor in the Hall, it was superb on the night - a transformation by Lavinia and crew that will be hard to beat. Fr Donal McIlraith gave a wonderful account of the life of St Pius X, on his holiness and his pastoral care for people. Fr Timoci Kaloudisi, and Mrs Helen Mow was on standby to ...