St Pius X Parish Bazaar 2018

St Pius X Annual Parish Bazaar is always a colorful, lively and a fun filled community day. The parish Bazaar this year (28th July) was no exception. The event was graced with brilliant sunshine, thus the colors of the 11 parish communities sparkled as never before. The Bazaar Theme for this year 'Healthy Happy and Resilient' was on display and evident in all Community Stalls and on the faces of the parishioners. A great day in more ways than one. Praise God.

The Result of this St Pius X Parish Bazaar 28th July 2018







St Cecilia 1b


St Joseph 2


St Joan of Arc 3


Peter Chanel 4a


St Patrick’s 4b


St John-Bapt 4c


St Michael’s 5a


St Columban 5b


St Paul’s 6


St Jacob’s 7a


Teresa of CJ 7b


Bilo Levu


Opening Chief G




Korean Com.


Total of this year’s Bazaar = $75,130.90.   In 2017 = $62,025.15 -  While in 2016 Bazaar realized $ 50, 437.75

This result was a great sacrifice on your part – all you who committed to this year’s annual Parish Bazaar. The end result amazed us all. To all you who made the effort, The Parish Team and Financial Council are grateful and thank you most sincerely.  In Short - 1st Prize to 4a St Peter Chanel, 2nd Place to 5b St Columbans and 3rd Place 2 St Joseph Worker.

A total of 8 Communities reached the Target. Best improved Community 7b Teresa of Child Jesus. Congrats.

Thanks to our Donors and Sponsors this year: First and foremost to our Chief Guest Mr Alex O’ Connor, Assistant Minister for Health for opening our Bazaar; To Courts; Pan Pacific Tours, Pure Fiji, Westpac, Goodman Fielder, Zenith Marketing/Nashua/Office 2000 + R.C. Manubhai, The Columban Fathers, William and Gosling, Carpenters, and Nasese Buses. Also the many other donations from Religious Communities. Total Donations amounted to $5,100.00, while the rest came from Community Stalls. The Total being $70,030.90. The Grand Total being $75,130.90.

Results of the Best Entertainment Item at the Bazaar: Shared by 7a St Jacobs and St Michael’s 5a. While the Best stall for the day was 5b St Columbans.


We Thank the Bazaar Committees for their Hard Work: The Pre-Bazaar Committee; On-the-Day Committee they did a great job. Their many meetings in preparation paid off on the day and things ran smoothly without too much stress – Thanks to our Security Team, our counters, Lillian and Rosemary, Richard, and Angie Kainamoli (Parish Treasurer). Thanks to 360 Tech who provided the Sound System on the Day, the  Green Team (Youth) and the DJ, Nua Kunau who came all the way from Nadi – to our MCs Mausio and Master Dan while good and secure sheds were erected well on time by Nabzville Scaffolding. We thank Lavinia Qalo (Smith) and her team of helpers for decorating the Stage. The Bazaar Committees are appreciative of the effort and good will in all of the Communities during the year.  The Parish Team also recognises and salutes the great effort Community leaders and the Financial Reps made to make this year’s Bazaar a huge success. It was a wonderful display of Community and Parish Spirit. The day was weather-wise kind to us for a change. – The End results were gigantic. The Community stalls couldn’t be better, reflection the Theme of Day – “Healthy, Happy and Resilient”. To everyone involved in one-way or other Vinaka Vakalevu. Communities will surely be having their Vakaciri Salusalu celebrations in the next week or so and those who passed the target will be rewarded.