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The Parish of St Pius X, Raiwaqa is a multi-ethnic multi-cultural family of God, united in faith on pilgrimage and committed to realizing the Kingdom of God in society, under the inspiration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Pius X whose Motto was “To Restore all things in Christ”.


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Month of Synod Update:

Sun. 23 June: (9.00am) Parish Synod Mass.

Sat. 29 June: (7.00-10.00pm) Synod Youth Festival at Sacred Heart College.

Sun. 30 June (4.00pm) Synod Year Closing Mass at Sacred Heart College preceded by procession from My Suva Park (Two (2) Buses will leave the parish. $2.00 per head

Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Only one Mass in the parish (7.00am) 

Please download the newsletter for more information.

Please download the Synod Mass Instructions here.

Please download the 2nd Synod Mass Instructions here, please read before you head down for Mass next Sunday.


Reflection of the Week

Feeding the people, today

Jesus wanted to feed the hungry crowd, but did not distribute the food in person. Rather, he tells the twelve to do that: “Give them something to eat.” They complained about the limited resources that could not provide for everyone. Some churchmen today make a similar reply. Since we have not the manpower to provide the Bread of Life for all. As well as priests we depend on our Catechists and teachers and Eucharistic Ministers to do this. One of the topics of the Synod was Clericalism. Hopefully this will be recognised in Fiji and rooted out. We must not be tempted to put new wine into old-wineskins, the clerical structures of yester-year? Pope Francis seems to be open to the possibility of finding new ways so that all of People of God has the opportunity of receiving the Eucharist and also having people who can provide the Bread of Life via the Celebration of the Eucharist. We need to believe Jesus when he says: “You have all that is needed.” If we cling doggedly to our limited perceptions, unwilling to change our outlook, we are set to lose. It will contradict this Gospel if we don’t draw on the cooperation of others to make sure that all without exception can share at the Lord’s Table. If we use willing helpers to make the Bread of Life available, we can see what the apostles discovered:  a full basket for each of the givers. Jesus did not pitch his tent among us in order to live in a golden tabernacle. Food is for the feeding of the people. The purpose of the Real Presence in the Eucharist is to feed the people, so that we will be Christ’s living presence in the world today. With him, we too are the Bread that is to be broken for the life of the world.

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong's pastoral letter on the synod can be downloaded here

Feature Stories

Corpus Christi Sunday at St Pius X

The procession of the Eucharist began from the parish to the Old Raiwaqa Market parking area, Mass was started there and than the Procession back to the Parish, the beautiful procession by the parishioners of Raiwaqa with the blessings of a clear blue skies. The mass than continued on at Church see below the pictures taken on the day.

Pentecost Sunday at the Cathedral

St Pius X Parish led the 10am Pentecost Sunday Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, there were two buses provided to take parishioners to and from the Cathedral. Raiwaqa parishioners were preparing for a whole week through choir practices at the hall and this was seen and heard as the angelic voices herald in the Holy Spirit in the halls of the Cathedral. 

The Synod Sessions

Were held at the Novotel Conference Centre from Friday to Sunday 7th to 9th June. Some 200 people from the Archdiocese attended, invitees of the Archbishop, priests, religious, PPC Chairs from every parish, some disabled and impaired as well as invited guests from other churches and faiths.  It was a prayerful experience as we invoked the Holy Spirit for the gift of discernment and right judgement to help the Archbishop develop a Diocesan pastoral plan for the Archdiocese of Suva for the next five years. We listened to each other and allow the Spirit to journey with us through the sessions. It was a Blessing and an honour to be part of a gathering of such magnitude. Exciting changes are proposed and planned as part of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan. We were urged to do more for the marginalized “Bring the Periphery to the Centre” It was proposed that ‘Catholic Social Services’ be established; a Commission for Education be set up; the documents of Catholic Social Teaching be translated into Fijian and much more. The Acts of the Synod will be published soon. Thank you all for your support and prayers as the Synod journey comes to an end on 30th June. (Barbara, Dan, Lavinia, Mariana Kees & JME).

Feature Stories


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Farewell Fr Martin and Sr Teresia

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Columban Inter-religious Holy Pilgrimage Walk




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Please register your children for the 2019 Children Catechism Classes as we have opened Early Registration. Information is on the flyer attached.. Sincerely, Fr Carlo.




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