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The Parish of St Pius X, Raiwaqa is a multi-ethnic multi-cultural family of God, united in faith on pilgrimage and committed to realizing the Kingdom of God in society, under the inspiration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Pius X whose Motto was “To Restore all things in Christ”.


Announcement of the Week

Extraordinary Month of Mission: On 22nd October 2017 Pope Francis declared October 2019 as Extraordinary Mission Month for the Church on the occasion of the 100 th anniversary of the Promulgation of Pope Benedict XV Apostolic. Letter, Maximum Illud 1919. The Theme of the celebration of the Extraordinary Month in October 2019 chosen by Pope Frances is “Baptized and Sent”: The Church of Christ on Mission in the World”. The Archbishop calls on us to celebrate this month and makes some suggestions for us to consider: He (1) Proposes that small groups of people or families gather in each other’s houses to pray the Holy Rosary for the missionary work of the Church. (2) Promote a pilgrimage to a Marian shrine. (3) Promote the collection of funds to support the apostolic work of the missio ad gentes. (4) Propose a public activity by which young people are involved in proclaiming the Gospel. (5) Organize a Diocesan or national celebration for the Closing of the Extraordinary Missionary Month of October 2019 – he suggests that these take place in the following parishes Suva (SHC), Lautoka (OLPH) and Labasa.

Rev Teakare Ordination in Rabi:

Brianna booked again for this trip. Will leave Suva on the morning of 29th Nov and return on the Sunday of 1st Dec. Please book now at the Parish office or directly to the Columban Office. Cost $190.00. $90.00 before 15th Oct. (Deposit can be paid by $30.00 by the end of August and another $30.00 by the end of September and the last $30.00 by October 15) The Remainder must be paid in by 15th Nov. So the boat can be paid. Parish Youth MUST PAY the Deposit of $30.00 by the end of August at least. Contact Columban Office 3308290.


Reflection of the Week


Naaman the leper - an army commander from Syria cured by Elisha & the Ten Lepers cured by Jesus. Earlier generations used to say “Thank God” after remarking about fine weather, success in business or at school, the safe arrival of a child, or a recovery from illness. It’s a good custom, built on a tradition of faith and prayer. We might wonder whether a people truly grateful to God would not show it more in their way of life. A grateful people might be more ready to share what they have. while so many are unemployed and the politics of austerity threatens the welfare of the elderly and the chronically ill. How satisfying it is to receive a sincere “Thank you” for a service truly appreciated. There is a warmth in

being thanked for things we’ve done. The contrary also holds, of course: how hurtful it is to be consistently taken for granted, without ever a word of appreciation. One out of ten cured in the Gospel was a fairly poor proportion; but then, truly appreciative people, who show their thanks, are rare enough in all walks of life.

After Mass, we need to bring this thankful spirit into practical social expression in our treatment of others; seeing our life as gift, we should be better able to accept the realities of daily living and share our blessings with others in a generous spirit.

As Shakespeare wrote in King Lear, “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.”

The Eucharist is a reminder never to forget God’s greatest gift to us, his own Son, our Saviour. We need to thank God from the heart, like Naaman after his cure, or like the leper who was grateful to Jesus. What a pity the other nine did not say a word of thanks for the blessing they received.

Archdiocese of Suva Strategic Plan (After the Synod)

Archdiocese of Suva Vision Statement: ‘To be Church in the World’

Mission Statement:  The Archdiocese of Suva serves the people of Fiji through charity, Integral human Development, Care for Our Common Home, and prophetic dialogue so that Fijian people will experience the reign of God’s kingdom.

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong's pastoral letter on the synod can be downloaded here

Please download the newsletter for more information.

CCD Registration for Year 2020: 1st and 2nd children ($15.00 each) / 3rd and onward ($10.00 each) - At the registration, each child will receive the Bible Diary

Confirmation Class can be improved in terms of its attendance. All those who have registered for Confirmation Class must make an effort to attend your class after the 08.30 Mass inside the church.

First Holy Communion on the Feast of Christ the King (24 November). All students of Catechism Class 2 please keep your attendance consistent with your classes every Sunday after the 0700 Mass.

Feature Stories

Inter-religious dialogue in AB Mataca Hall - by Priscilla Magdalen

The Inter-Religious Dialogue social/spiritual youth event organized by the Columbans took place on Saturday 5th October 2019 held at Raiwaqa parish hall at 2.00 pm. IRD is about meeting people of different religions in an atmosphere of freedom of openness in order to listen to the other, try to understand that person’s religion. The theme for this event was “Protecting our Fiji Environment’’. The respective faith groups consisted of: Arya Samaj, Shri Satya Sai, Hare Krishna, Sikhism, Islam. Community together with Nadera, Tamavua, Raiwaqa Youths and the Lay Missionaries where they had

presented an item each from their community. The total number attended this event was about 80 people. The joint event was fantastic and awakening and the powerful sharing’s from different religions touched the youths on creation of God, to awaken the love of God and build respect towards other religions. Let us thank the Holy Spirit for the guidance and help, to the Raiwaqa parish priest Fr John McEvoy for allowing us to use the hall, also to those who made this event a success and God bless us all abundantly.

. Visit the Columban Fiji facebook account for more information.

Climate Change and Action’ For Church Leaders

On the 20th of September, 2019 a workshop organised by the Commission for Social and Ecological Justice (CSEJ) conducted a well prepared and researched topic ‘on Climate Change and Action’ For Church Leaders, Raiwaqa/Raiwai that was held at the Parish Hall. It was well attended by our own parishioners, some members of the youth, Fr Leo, Anglican Minister and Mataika,Tui Rara
Methodist church Raiwaqa. Congratulations to the CSEJ team for a wonderful night.

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Please register your children for the 2019 Children Catechism Classes as we have opened Early Registration. Information is on the flyer attached.. Sincerely, Fr Carlo.




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