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The Parish of St Pius X, Raiwaqa is a multi-ethnic multi-cultural family of God, united in faith on pilgrimage and committed to realizing the Kingdom of God in society, under the inspiration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Pius X whose Motto was “To Restore all things in Christ”.


Announcement of the Week

The Month of May 

is the month is devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary; it is the month of praying the Rosary as a family and seeking for the grace needed.

A Prayer to St Columban in Face of the Corona Virus

St Columban of Mt Leinster, Bangor, Luxeuil, Bregenz and Bobbio, your name rings out across the world.
Come to our aid and rise up to help us in our need.
As pilgrims on the journey, we ask you to keep us safe from the corona virus that knows no borders.
Heal those who suffer; protect those who are exposed and vulnerable;
enlighten all who respond; guide those who govern; calm our fears; give us a new vision of Life;
and intercede for us before God the Most High to stop the spread of this virus that
we may continue to work together for a new civilization of love for all.

— By a Columban Missionary

Special Announcements

Do take the time to read this Lock down poem by Fr Richard Hendrick OFM

Eco Challenge:  - Team Thornbirds is doing Energy Category and have started off last week in the church premises. humbly asking that every Wednesday evening after mass, all electricity in the church premises will be switched off for one whole hour from 7:15 to 8:15 pm. This is also to kindly ask parishioners to choose other days or times or other means if want to use the premises - just for one hour. 

Facing the Covid-19 crisis

Is there a Christian way of facing the Covid-19 crisis? Yes, of course, there is. I can think of at least four characteristics:

·  The first is the move from “I” to “we”. This is a frightening situation that we face together. The common good — the good of us all — must be given first place; within the common good, we will find our own good. That is a very Christian, even a very Catholic virtue.

  • The second is an attitude of concern and compassion. Even if we must be isolated in our own homes or workplaces, modern communications allow us to stay in touch in a way impossible before. This is a great benefit. But, we need to choose to stay in contact, perhaps with a greater frequency so that people don’t feel abandoned.
  • The third is a respect for truth. In recent years, the truth has suffered in public discourse, giving rise to a horrible expression, the post-truth era. In these days, we need to pay attention to science and medicine and less attention to opinion-makers and rumours. A society without truth cannot last. Today, right now, we need truth more than ever before.
  • Lastly, as Christians, we can pray. We can pray in particular for scientists, medical personnel and politicians. These are wonderful people with a huge job of work before them. As we pray for ourselves and our families and friends, we pray too for all who look after the common good.  (Kieran O’Mahony).

Archdiocese Lenten Appeal Envelopes –We have received 150 envelopes from the Archdiocese office. Community leaders are asked to collect 10-15 envelopes each from the parish office for distribution to community members. Thanks to all communities who have collected so far we have 30 envelopes left. This collection will be taken up on Holy Thursday DV.

Please download the newsletter for more information.

Please visit the CCD Page for more information (Click here).


Reflection of the Week

Reflection for the 7th Sunday of Easter and Ascension Thursday: 

 Christ’s Last Will and Testament::

Here in Fiji we celebrated the Feast of Ascension of the Lord last Thursday – the traditional Feast Day – 40 days after Easter. Most Dioceses now celebrate the Ascension on the Sunday afterwards. In the Gospel for the Feast day we hear Our Lord’s final instructions, his Last Will and Testament. Just before leaving them, he reminds them of what he expects of them. Earlier he had sent them out to spread the Kingdom of God. Those who go in his name, do so with his authority. The authority goes with the mission. In Matthew’s version he now adds this great promise, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” And Luke emphasises that they will be “clothed with power from on high”, that is, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus sends them out to speak and act in his name. Their mission was both easy and hard: easy to understand but hard to carry out. It was to teach others all that he had taught them. Just as he asked them to follow his way, they were to ask that others should follow that way too. Similarly, the message of salvation must continue to be shared until the end of time. With all the changes in the church and in society, neither Jesus nor his message have changed. His Gospel remains a call to live our lives to the full. We write a new page of the gospel each day, through all that you do and whatever you say. Others read what you write, be it faithful or true. So what is the gospel according to you? He is with us always. This can be a real help against loneliness. If we are open to His presence in our heart, and treasure it, we can experience fully that “Joy of the Gospel” so warmly described for us by our good Pope Francis.

Year of Laudato Si: Although last week was Laudato Si week – Pope Francis has declared that this year from 24th May 2020 until 24 of May 2021 be the Year of Laudato Si. By that time our back yard gardens will be producing much fruit. So let us all get involved with our commitment to protecting the environment. 

Summary of the Archbishop’s Letter 31 March 2020

Effective 1st April 2020 in the Archdiocese of Suva:

·  Public Masses and liturgies—both indoor and outdoor—are suspended until further notice.

·  There will also be no community communion services held in homes.

·  The faithful can keep holy their Sunday by setting aside some time for prayer at home, the Scriptures of the day, watching Mass on television or online, and asking God for the graces they would normally receive in Holy Communion.

·  Priests should consider continuing to publish their weekly parish bulletin online with advice and a weekly homily/reflection.

·  Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion are not to take Holy Communion to the sick.

·  Sunday Masses will be seen live 9am on Fiji One and Live-Stream on Archdiocese Facebook.

Baptisms: Should be delayed. Except there is a risk of death, the child should be baptized.

Confession: The Sacrament of Confession will be suspended during this time of pandemic. Physical and moral impossibility excuses a person from confession, in which case reconciliation may be attained by other means, for example an act of perfect contrition. (Canon 960) An act of perfect contrition can be made by saying these or similar words, “My God, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart. I should love you above all things. I firmly intend, with your help, to sin no more, and to avoid what leads me to sin”.

Other Guidelines on Weddings, Funeral, Anointing of the Sick and Communion to the Sick also covered in letter.

The Archbishop ends this pastoral with the following: Social Distancing and Hygiene

All parishes and parishioners are required to follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines as provided:

·  Hand Washing often and sneeze/cough hygiene of the utmost importance. Distancing of at least one person per 2 square meters. Strictly No grog - kava sessions in parish halls or parish premises.

·  Self-isolation if diagnosed with COVID–19 or when exposed to symptomatic or diagnosed COVID–19 persons.

I know these changes will cause pain and sorrow. As Catholics we are responsible and committed to promoting the common good of all and care for creation. Please let us join with Pope Francis in praying for the end of Covid 19 virus.

Yours truly, 
+Peter Loy Chong, 
Archbishop of Suva 

Parting Shot: As well as Mass on Fiji One at 9.00am this Sunday: One can always tune into Mass on YouTube from EWTN any day or every day for that matter. Less gathering in groups the better. God Bless, Keep Safe. JME.

Archdiocese of Suva Strategic Plan (After the Synod)

Archdiocese of Suva Vision Statement: ‘To be Church in the World’

Mission Statement:  The Archdiocese of Suva serves the people of Fiji through charity, Integral human Development, Care for Our Common Home, and prophetic dialogue so that Fijian people will experience the reign of God’s kingdom.

Archbishop Peter Loy Chong's pastoral letter on the synod can be downloaded here

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Steps and precautions to take as per WHO guidelines. Some tips for precaution:

Feature Stories

Feature Stories

CCD and RCIA Begins 2020

The CCD Clases in Raiwaqa on Sundays and the RCIA with Master Eroni and Sala Navuku

Youth Inter Religious Dialogue 2020

Youth Inter Religious Dialogue was held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Suva on the 29th Feb 2020. Youths from various Faith Organisation shared the experience of Fasting in their Faith Traditions. The event was organised by the Columban IRD desk in Nasese.

First Sunday of Lent 2020

St Pius X Parish celebrated the first Sunday of lent.

Youth Retreat at Naililili

Members of St Pius X Raiwaqa youth join the youth from the Central Eastern Division for a weekend retreat in Naililili from the 28th of Feb to 1st of March. We would like to thank our youths for representing St Pius at the retreat.

Celebrated Ash Wednesday 2020

Fr Teakare celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass at St Marcellin, Vataiwaqa. Thank you all the Students, Teachers, Parents and friends that attended and participated in the celebration.

New Regional Director Visits Ba 

Our Regional Director, Fr. Trevor Trotter also visited Ba along with our Parish Priest, there was a wonderful welcoming ceremony organised by the Ba parishioners.

Regional Director visits the Parish

Our Regional Director, Fr. Trevor Trotter visited Raiwaqa yesterday. He was officially welcomed to the parish after the 8:30 Mass. He is on an official visitation to the Columban family here in Fiji till the 14th of next month.
Rev. Aminiasi also served at mass, for the first time as a Deacon. He will continue to serve in Raiwaqa on the weekends. We continue to remember him and his fellow Deacons in our prayers.

ORDINATION OF Deacon Aminiasi Ravuwai

Today we witnessed the Ordination to Deaconate of three of our pacifican men.
They are Iosefo Wailoa (Diocese), Sanipate Iowane (Salesians of Don Bosco) and Aminiasi Ravuwai (Missionary Society of St. Columban).
Archbishop Peter Loy Chong reminded them today, that as deacons of the church, they should practice what they preach, and teach what they practice. Everything should be founded in Charity. We continue to remember them in our prayers.

St. Vincent de Paul AGM 2020

The St.Vincent de Paul members of St. Pius X parish, Raiwaqa held their AGM yesterday. They discussed ways to reach out and continue to serve the poor with love, dignity and respect.




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2019 Children Catechism Class Registration


Please register your children for the 2019 Children Catechism Classes as we have opened Early Registration. Information is on the flyer attached.. Sincerely, Fr Carlo.




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