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The Parish of St Pius X, Raiwaqa is a multi-ethnic multi-cultural family of God, united in faith on pilgrimage and committed to realizing the Kingdom of God in society, under the inspiration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Pius X whose Motto was “To Restore all things in Christ”.


Announcement of the Week


Ascension of the Lord Feast Day next Thursday, 30th May - 2 Masses at 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. Please download the newsletter for more information.


Reflection of the Week

Last Wishes of Jesus

As Jesus is saying goodbye to his disciples, he sees them sad and scared. The all feel they are living the last hours with his  Master. What will happen to them? Who will guide & defend them? Jesus wants to encourage them by his final words.

The great desire of Jesus is that His Good News of God will not be forgotten. His followers must keep alive the ideal of the Father’s humanizing “kingdom of God” of which he has spoken so much. “Whoever loves me will stay true to my words … whoever does not love me do not keep them.”

After twenty centuries, what we have done the Gospel of Jesus? Do we keep it faithfully or are caring only for our own interests? Do we welcome Jesus in our hearts or we forgetting him? Do we present his message authentically or hide it with our doctrines?

“I give you my peace” he says. He wants to live with the same peace we have seen in him, welling up from his intimate union with the Father. His peace will blossom in our heart if we accept the Spirit of Jesus. They must never lose that peace. Jesus insists: “Do not be troubled or afraid”.

After twenty centuries, why does fear for the future paralyse us? Why so much suspicion against modern society? There are many people who are hungry for God. Pope Francis is a true gift from God for us today. Our times invite us to move to be more faithful to Jesus and his Gospel Church. (José Antonio).

The Upcoming Archdiocesan Synod


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The 3-day Archdiocesan Synod is just around the corner 7th -9th June at the Novotel in Lami. The Community visits help to raise awareness on what Synod is all about and the need to pray for the spirit of discernment and right judgement while at the same time praying for each other. St Pius X will be represented by our parish priest, Fr John McEvoy, Women’s representative, Barbara Edwards and PPC Chairperson, Dan Burese. 

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2019 Children Catechism Class Registration


Please register your children for the 2019 Children Catechism Classes as we have opened Early Registration. Information is on the flyer attached.. Sincerely, Fr Carlo.


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